Engine Bay Detailing


The perfect addon to any of the our core services. all delicate electrical areas are covered, the whole bay including underside of the bonnet is degreased and cleaned followed by a matte dressing.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

Over time your plastic headlights will become discoloured and faded due to UV and oxidation. with a multi stage correction process our service will bring the clarity and clearness back into your headlights.

Fabric Roof Cleaning

Fabric Roof Cleaning / Protection

Most fabric roofs become discolored and dull after not being looked after properly from new. after a deep clean and soak with a citrus based cleaner we can restore the deep color to your roof, enhancing the look of your vehicle.

Interior Fabric Protection

Interior Detailing

After a thorough clean of the interior, protection can be applied to all fabric, leather, carpets and plastic trim to help prevent staining, spillages and UV damage.

Glass Rain Repellent


Applied to all glass an extremely hydrophobic glass coating which repels rain from your windows from as little as 20 mph, making driving in extreme weather conditions and heavy rain much safer.

Decontamination / Claying

Wax / Sealant Protection

Is your paintwork and glass rough? This could be due to it being highly contaminated with tar, fallout, overspray and many other things. A 2 stage chemical decon followed by claying your vehicle can restore alot of gloss and leave your paintwork silky smooth once again.